Essential Oils for Summer

Howdy!! Hope you are all having a fantastic start to summer! Currently, our family is camping in British Columbia, Canada and getting to enjoy lake life during this summer season, which = us being very GRATEFUL!! So, I have been thinking about these long, and warm, summer days. And I thought I would share with… Continue reading Essential Oils for Summer

What are Essential Oils?

In case you don't know already... I am obsessed with essential oils and all of the benefits they provide for my family! From cleaning to keeping us healthy, and everything in between, we love essential oils at my house. But some of you may be wondering.... WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS? And possibly you'd like to… Continue reading What are Essential Oils?

Freedom through Opportunity

    Welcome to the blog, I hope you will learn all sorts of new things as time passes! Thanks for being here! When creating a blog, you have to start somewhere. So I am going to start my entries, post-convention for my Health & Wellness company. This is a great place to start, especially… Continue reading Freedom through Opportunity