4 Wellness Tools for Increased Health in Winter

Many people seem to have a love-hate relationship with winter and I can totally relate to that! My relationship with winter has definitely changed over the last 10 years. I used to enjoy winter sports as a child, but for most of my adult life, I became sick of the cold and not as interested in doing winter activities. Then I had my kids…. and watching their joy as they experience winter sports has renewed my own interest in doing these activities as well. One of the greatest joys of being a parent, in my opinion, is experiencing things through the eyes of our children.

This year, I think many more families are enjoying the outdoor winter sports as a means of getting out and staying active. I hope that you are able to get out to enjoy the outdoors this season too.

One of my main goals, as fall rolls into winter each year, is to keep our immune systems working as good as possible. Here are 4 of the tools that we use regularly to support our bodies, especially in the fall and winter seasons!

  1. Thieves Roller – this roller is super simple to make! You can use whatever bottle you have on hand, whether you buy roller bottles on Amazon or re-use your essential oil bottles (which is what I tend to do the most) with a roller top. Then you simply add the following to the bottle:

Thieves Essential Oil – fill 1/4 of the roller bottle with Young Living Thieves Essential Oil

Carrier Oil – fill 3/4 of the roller bottle with a liquid carrier oil (avocado oil, grape seed, olive oil, fractionated coconut oil, etc.)

Shake well and then use this roller daily with a swipe along the spine or bottom of feet for daily immune system boost.

Check out the video below for more information on rollers and how you can easily make them for use in your household:

2. Wellness Roller – I make sure to have this roller ready to use for when anyone in the house is feeling unwell. I call it the wellness roller because I find that it has helped my family tremendously in getting back to a state of wellness much quicker when we use this roller at the first signs of sickness. We apply this roller 3 times daily to the spine of the person who is feeling unwell… and the rest of the family will use the roller 1 time daily as added protection. This has made a huge impact to our fall and winter seasons each year, and I highly suggest you get this roller made up for use!

Wellness Roller with Essential Oils

3. Vitamin D – we make sure to increase our Vitamin D intake. In summer, that is easily done through time outside in the morning without sunscreen, to allow our bodies to absorb the necessary Vitamin D. However in winter when we are all indoors more often, we make sure to supplement our Vitamin D. I find it easiest to use the Vitamin D drops that you can purchase. They are tasteless, easy to get my kids to take daily, plus I personally prefer the liquid drops over swallowing pills. Given that some studies are showing better immune system responses in those people with adequate Vitamin D levels, I would encourage you to supplement this for your families, especially in those seasons where we aren’t getting that outdoors exposure to the sun.

4. Probiotics – A good portion of our immune system stems from the health of our gut. It is therefore important that we try to keep the intestinal tract in good working order. Probiotics increase the quantities of good bacteria in our system. Below are the two probiotics that we use in my household. Life 9 has over 17 million live cultures from 9 strains of beneficial bacteria, in each targeted-release capsule. The Kidscents Mightypro supplement has over 8 billion active, live cultures and is perfect because it is a pre and probiotic. They come in easy packets that kids can pour into their mouths like pixie sticks, or can be poured over yogurt or other foods so they can be easily consumed. To be honest, I personally use the Mightypro supplement most often, as they taste great! You can use any good quality probiotic to establish good bacteria in your gut. These are the ones that I trust and find work great for my family.

Of course, the tools above are used in addition to staying active, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods. Since starting our wellness journey about 8 years ago, we have reaped the benefits of increased health and our immune systems appear to be working well. I hope that your family can incorporate some (or all) of the tools that we use, so you can also benefit from increased wellness year-round! Feel free to contact me with any questions you have, or to find out more about any of the products I have mentioned above. Take care of yourselves!

Yours in health,

Leah Kirk

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