Freedom through Opportunity


Welcome to the blog, I hope you will learn all sorts of new things as time passes! Thanks for being here!

When creating a blog, you have to start somewhere. So I am going to start my entries, post-convention for my Health & Wellness company. This is a great place to start, especially since I am feeling inspired by everything I just learned. I am feeling motivated to make serious progress this year in my own business!

When the convention started last week in Salt Lake City, I was beyond inspired by the amount of people I could recognize that have truly done what it takes to have a thriving business. It is one thing to hear stories about the families who are succeeding, but when you can see, in person, these people that are achieving their dreams through these amazing opportunities… it is a whole different ball game!

So while I was feeling so great about what my business potential could be in the future… I was feeling like I had done a bit of a disservice to the individuals and families I have met thus far, by not giving them more information about the opportunities available to them. I truly believe that with hard work, so many families could be realizing freedom! My promise going forward is to help more families see their potential, and as our community continues to grow, I look forward to watching increased successes for my team members!

I recorded this video to sum up my feelings on Freedom through Opportunity… hope you enjoy it!

Want to know more about what I do? Let’s connect!!

Yours in health,


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