What’s the Deal with Natural Laundry Detergent?

A while ago, a friend and team member of mine, posted about her experience in the detergent aisle while shopping. I felt compelled to share my story on our switch to natural detergents. This was shared via Facebook, so feel free to follow our content to learn more about what we do:

Laundry products were my last change when I started cleaning up my house and switching to natural products. WHY? Because I honestly loved that smell of fresh, clean clothes!!

What I did not realize then was that all of the fragrances and toxins in the laundry soaps and softeners, were actually doing a huge disservice to my family’s health. One of the main issues with fragrances is that they are created from hormone-disrupting chemicals. And unfortunately, many toxic chemicals accumulate in our bodies, causing overall body burden which can lead to infertility and many serious health conditions and diseases. I don’t want this for my kids, or future generations!!

So I gave up the scented laundry supplies, switched to something all natural and we have NEVER looked back. You will notice that many natural detergents will leave your clothes smelling completely neutral (basically like nothing, though still a clean smell). That is the point. You can find some that have natural fragrances such as essential oils in them, but do your research as many companies are marketing their products as much greener and safer then they truly are:( One option is to use a detergent brand you can trust, and then add some light aromas back into the laundry by using pure essential oils on wool dryer balls, if you desire.

Now, like Harmony Watts, I basically never go down the soap aisle where the laundry stuff sits. But if I need to, or even just as I walk past the aisle, I cannot believe how strong the scents are. It’s amazing how you can feel so immediately unwell from the scents, once your body is used to not being exposed to them anymore. I shop for everything I need for my household online and pickup in Calgary (or can be shipped worldwide to your home)… it’s so easy and I KNOW it is keeping my family much safer by reducing their exposure to toxic chemicals!!

Many people believe that since we grew up using all of these products, they can’t be that bad for us. But I feel like we can’t just keep saying that everything is fine, because the TRUTH is, we still don’t know the consequences of our lifetime of exposure. There is more than enough toxic exposure in our external environment that we cannot control, so I feel like we should start looking at what we can control in our own homes. Help to reduce body burden and give the future a fighting chance. We need to care about how this is affecting our kids and teach the future generations, so they grow up in a world that demands access to safer products! They deserve to be happy and HEALTHY!!

So my mission is to do my part by helping my own family and educating all other families I can possibly reach, so they can make the best decisions for their families!


“Reason 82492 I love Young Living and the toxic free lifestyle that I am creating for my family.

I was in Costco with Abby this week. I needed to sneak to the other end of the isle. There was no one in the detergent isle so we zoomed down…not stopping cause we use YL products…. well it stunk! Abby started coughing and had trouble catching her breath. It scared me. I had a headache for the rest of the afternoon. It upset me that my baby struggled. The look on her face…. ugh… my heart. This little wrong turn I took reminded me that what I am doing is best for my family. It reminded me why I am passionate about sharing”. – Harmony Watts


If you aren’t sure where to start in your home, or need help finding trustworthy brands… I am here to help! To get started with an amazing kit that will clean your home right up: just choose the Thieves Starter Kit when you click here. You’ll get everything pictured below and this will make such an improvement in your home. Every home needs these truly natural products which actually increase your wellness!

The things is…. when we know better, we do better (Maya Angelou). That is what has been happening in my home for over 6 years now. Learning and switching: it’s a process, but I feel like our health is definitely worth it!!

Yours in health,


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